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November 1, 2020

The Chesed Fund Limited is dedicated in memory of Mordechai & Rebecca Kapiloff, ע׳׳ה. Dr. Bernard Kapiloff, ע׳׳ה and Rabbi Norman & Louise Gerstenfeld, ע׳׳ה. Project Ezra is dedicated in memory of M. Leo and Hannah Storch, ע׳׳ה.
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Covid 19 Safety

Camp Security

Crime Safety

Israel Safety

Pharmacy Guide

School Security

Shul Security

Shabbos Safety

Shabbos & Tom Tov Preparation

Special Events

Travel Safety

Weather Safety

Office: 410-486-0800 x107  |  Frank Storch, Director: 410-929-1000


Copyright 2020 – The Chesed Fund Limited and Project Ezra of Greater Baltimore, Inc.

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